Top, Heart and Base Notes: Explained

The Top Notes:

The top notes are responsible for the first impression. They are usually light and represent the story of the blend. They set the stage, so to speak and are meant to entice and intrigue. Their function is to attract but to also smoothly transition into the heart notes to come.

Top notes might last a couple of hours, but they are meant to evaporate and for this reason are usually comprised of lighter oils.

The Heart Notes:

The foundation of any fragrance lies in its heart notes, which make up anywhere between 40-80% of the total scent. Due to the fact that they are crafted to last longer, heart notes are generally made up of more potent floral or spicy oils. The heart notes role is to further draw you in, but greatly influences the base notes, they also become more noticeable once the top notes have disappeared.

The Base Notes:

Both the heart and base notes work together and the base notes main role is to provide a lasting impression of the fragrance blend. They are the final notes once all other notes have evaporated and are often very rich and are the longest lasting of the three classes of notes and usually make up 15-20% of the scent.

Hope you find this blog useful when picking your candles online and also note our colour codes:

Black glass jar = BOLD, RICH & COMPLEX scents

White glass jar = FRESH scents

Frosted = SWEET or FLORAL scents.

We do scented tealights of all our core scents, so you can try before you commit for a small fee, drop us a line for more information x

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