Choosing a Scented Candle Without Smelling It

Selecting a candle confidently when you haven’t tested the scent – for example, when buying online, can be made easier with our top tips when it comes to making your choice.

Consult a Fragrance Wheel

In the same way we have colour wheels… fragrance wheels do the same thing. A fragrance wheel contains four different ‘scent families’ and then these are broken down further into different fragrance notes (refer to last weeks blog post on fragrance notes for reference). You will probably find you have a preference for fragrances within the same family group rather than liking everything across the wheel.

The main scent families are (FLORAL, FRESH, SWEET/ORIENTAL AND WOODY), which appeals to you the most?

Contemplate the Seasons

Now that the weather is getting slightly milder (depending on where you are based in the UK, lol), it may be time to consider which fragrances suit this time of year. We are heading into Spring and Summer season, so floral, fresh and fruity scents will naturally become more popular. A favourite for me is definitely Lime, Basil & Mandarin. Look out for the new scents being added to the Core 3.0 range.

Consider Your Space

Where will you be placing your candle? Large rooms can carry a more intense scent which might be slightly suffocating or overwhelming in smaller spaces, e.g. the guest toilet. Also be mindful of the types of activities that take place in each room too – don’t choose anything too floral or heavy for spaces where you will be preparing food, for example.

An energising or citrussy/fresh scent would be ideal for your home office space or wherever you work during lockdown, whereas maybe a scent with lavender or eucalyptus would match well to a bedroom to encourage a restful night’s sleep.

Factor in the Interior Design Elements

The best scented candles don’t just smell divine, they are also interior design items too. Choose a candle that will compliment your style and surroundings. All O.Robert&Co candles are minimalist in design for this very reason.

We will also be stocking in the near future, candle accessories and our medium 30CL candles come with wooden lids.

Go with Pure/Natural

We only use vegan wax which comes from a sustainable source, however we will be launching a pure essential oils line too, so for those that do not like fragrance oil candles, we have you covered…more information will be released on this soon.

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