Candles & Self Care Come as a Pair

Modern life breeds stress, and self care has never been a more popular term. Certain things naturally elevate our well being and make us feel better; such as meditation, yoga, exercise, sunlight - all of these things are scientifically proven to calm our nervous systems, settle our minds and release endorphins.

But what’s missing from that list? Candles.

Sometimes, we simply don't have the energy or time and all we really want to do is light a candle and stretch out on the sofa. Adding candles to your care routine is a simple way to keep your mind, body and soul relaxed.

Candles are proven to work hand-in-hand with well being in two ways:

The Flame

The light that a candle flame emits is gentle and soul-soothing. In the same way that watching a slow moving image soothes us (e.g. waterfalls), so does the flickering flame. This reduces stress and helps you to achieve a meditative, calming state of mind.

The Scent

Our olfactory system is linked to the areas of the brain that deal with learning and emotions, this is powerful as we tend to associate smells with past experiences, which come with attached emotions. Because of this, scents can also directly impact how we feel.

If you want to fill your home with soothing scents, then look out for those that contain lavender, vanilla, jasmine, rose, chamomile and sandalwood.

Adding Candles into your Self Care Routine:

Yoga/Meditation - Much like meditation, yoga is perfect for calming the mind and healing the body and is designed to be the perfect combination of mental and physical wellness.

Burning the right candle helps to centre your mind on the present while energising you for the day ahead.

Reading - With a book in hand, your comfiest blanket and a cup of tea, you’ve got it all. Except a scent that pairs perfectly with your quiet time by evoking feelings of mindfulness and calm.

Bathing - Taking a bath is the perfect time for a bit of peace and solitude, and to get your bubble haven started, lighting a beautiful scented candle will only add to that relaxing atmosphere.

Decluttering - Cleaning and decluttering gives a real sense of achievement. When having a clear out, try ending the day by lighting a candle in your newly fresh room, it gives that perfect finishing touch and calms you instantly.

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